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This page is a compilation of the more common questions that we have been asked by prospective sponsors.

Q. What is Team Army and Team Ethos?
A. Team Army & Team Ethos represent the collective appeal of sport in the armed forces. The Team Army brand is aligned to Army sport while Team Ethos is the generic brand for all forces sport.

Q. What was the rationale for setting up Team Army/Team Ethos?
A. Team Army was developed in response to a number of factors:

  • The threat to public funding in the current economic climate.
  • The inherent inefficiencies involved in each sport making its own sponsorship deals.
  • The reputational risk implicit in sponsorship arrangements that are dependent on bi lateral relationships between specific senior military personnel and Industry.
  • The untapped opportunities in “showcasing” forces sports for fundraising purposes.
  • The need to move away from the reliance on key individuals to develop enduring sponsor relationships (given the inherent staff churn in the Services).

Q. Will all forces sports participate in the Team Army/Team Ethos scheme?
A. No. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Q.  Who is Team Army/Team Ethos?
A.  Team Army/Team Ethos encompasses the activities of two separate legal entities that together comprise the Team Army & Team Ethos brands, these are:

  • The Team Army Sports Foundation – a public facing registered charity that aims to establish an enduring financial platform to help sustain forces sport. It benefits from an annual donation from Ethos Fundraising Limited and direct donations, making funds available to forces & corps sport through grants.
  • Ethos Fundraising Ltd (trading as “Team Army” & “Team Ethos”) – the not for profit trading company that markets forces sport to industry.

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Q. I would also like to sponsor Navy and/or Air Force sports teams – will the Team Army/Team Ethos scheme facilitate this?
A. Currently Team Army/Team Ethos raises funds for Army, Navy and some UK Armed Forces sports. We are in discussion with the Royal Air Force about extending the scheme to their sports.

Q.  I want to be a headline sponsor of a particular sport but note that there is an existing headline sponsor. Can I still be a major sponsor?
A.  The reality is that it depends on the sponsorship openings at the time you come into the Team Army/Team Ethos scheme. It is a match-making exercise sometimes to achieve the right blend of opportunity to fulfil your business objectives. What we can say is currently there is more capacity for sponsor opportunities that we are able to fill so get in touch and we can explore how best to meet your objectives.

Q.  Will this impact on existing sponsorship arrangements? I want to protect my existing relationships with those sports I sponsor.
A.  No.  All sports are entirely free to continue the commercial arrangements that are currently in place. Team Army/Team Ethos have no intention to interfere with those existing arrangement that you and your sponsored sports wish to maintain.
That said, sponsors that do choose to transfer existing contracts into the scheme will receive recognition for their level of contribution to forces sport when establishing their sponsorship level (i.e. gold, silver or bronze).
Any existing sponsorship arrangements that are transferred into to Team Army/Team Ethos can continue to generate the same level of income for your chosen sports.

Q. I am a current sponsor but fall below the bronze level threshold, will I still be able to continue my sponsorship?
A. Yes, if you and your chosen sport(s) wish to continue your current arrangements that is entirely okay.  We need to set a threshold for participating in the scheme for logistical reasons but we do not intend to turn away enthusiastic sponsors who are supporting Forces sport!

Q. Will I be able to focus on a single sport?
A. Yes, it is entirely your choice, however most participants gain wider benefits from broader participation in the scheme.

Q. Is there a risk that Team Army/Team Ethos could attract negative publicity for sponsors given the current concerns over bribery and corruption?
A. The Team Army/Team Ethos scheme has been endorsed by the Army Board (ECAB). It is compliant within the Joint Service Policies (JSP) on sponsorship and operates explicitly within the constraints set by the Bribery Act 2010. As such the opportunities offered through sponsorship, i.e. advertising, brand promotion, employee engagement and accreditation ensure that both forces sport and our sponsors are participating in a fully legitimate value exchange. View our countering bribery and corruption policy.

Q.  How much of my sponsorship money will reach the sport associations?
A.  Sponsors pay a fee equating to 20% of their annual sponsorship to Ethos in return for a range of membership benefits. This includes the professional services and dedicated account management provided by Ethos. As members, you benefit from a bespoke portfolio approach and are invited to multiple sports networking events throughout the year. You also enjoy access to other businesses for B2B activity.

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