Team Army was honoured to sponsor the Captains v Subalterns Cup again this year. This Cup is the second oldest polo cup in the world having first been instituted by The 9/12th Lancers playing at Hounslow in 1896.

This year (as last year) the polo tournament was held at Tedworth House in Wiltshire and attracted 20 teams from all three services. We were lucky with the weather as it stayed dry and warm all day. Play was outstanding at times, especially in the Division 1 and Division 2 Finals. Results are as follows:

Div 1:

Winners: The Household Cavalry
Runners Up: The Royal Navy
3rd: Army Reserves – A
4th: The RAF
5th: The Royal Artillery
6th: Army Reserves – B

Div 2:

Winners: Sandhurst A
Runners Up: The HAC
3rd: The KRH
4th:  The AGC

Div 3:

Winners: The Royal Artillery
Runners Up: The RAF
3rd:  The AGC
4th: The RLC

Div 4:

Winners: Sandhurst B
Runners Up: Sandhurst C
3rd: The Welsh Guards
4th: The RDG

The Div 1 Final was an intense battle and both teams played amazingly well. Congratulations to the Household Cavalry – a well deserved victory! It was a wonderfully enjoyable day and it was good to see how the sport brought together players and players’ families who all came out to support.

Courtesy of Bose, Team Army was proud to present the winning team with Bose headphones. Winners of Div 2 were awarded Camelback water bottles and all 68 players received smaller prizes’.