The Army Ice Hockey Association (AIHA) receives Team Army sponsorship and our main sponsor is Revision Military; this is now the AIHA’s 2nd year of Team Army sponsorship. The money has enabled the Army ice hockey team to train on a regular basis; the focus of which being the major fixture of the year, the Inter-Services ice hockey championship.

The Army has won the Inter-Services for five consecutive years; the competition is extremely fierce and as an example in 2017 the Army rallied in the dying minutes of both games against the RN and RAF to claw back a draw taking the games into overtime. The Army then beat the RN and RAF with sudden death goals securing the win.

Having a sponsor for the AIHA and Army ice hockey team is a huge benefit; the team not only wants to deliver a win for the Army but also for the sponsor. Revision has attended the Inter-Services finals for the last two years. Without the ability to train on a regular basis and considering the strength of the opposition, the Army’s successes would not have been possible without such generous sponsorship.

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