Team Ethos is excited to announce that Major Sally Orange has joined us as an Ambassador. We first met Sally when she founded and led ‘Mind over Matter’ the first ever female, wounded, injured and sick (WIS) cycling team on a Race Across America (over 3,000 miles) which Team Ethos proudly supported. Sally is an amazing individual who has a passion for helping others and we are super proud that she will be supporting Team Ethos in her uniquely fruity style.

Sally joined the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1998 whilst studying at University to become a physiotherapist. She was deployed on Operation Herrick in 2011 and has played a role in the recovery and ongoing rehabilitation of countless personnel over her 21 year career.

When diagnosed with her own illness, she drew inspiration from those she had treated and made the decision not to let this define her. Taking part in the 2016 Invictus Games played a large part in her road to recovery and she said of the experience ‘ it was incredible to see so many ex-patients I’d treated over the years overcome huge barriers to be taking part but also fantastic to be around a community of people who had an understanding of the difficulties I personally was facing.’

Sally is hugely committed to charity fundraising and has raised an amazing £30K so far! Inspired by her surname she completed her first marathon dressed as an orange in a bid to show that sport and exercise doesn’t have to be about being the fastest or the fittest, but about having fun and making others smile. Since then she has completed 45 marathons (including one on every continent) dressed as different pieces of fruit and holds Guinness World Records for the fastest marathon dressed as a piece of fruit as well as another for running as a nut!

Sally’s zest for life is not confined to running as she has been known to stay fresh by climbing Kilimanjaro … dressed as a bunch of grapes; completed Iron-man triathlons … dressed as an apple and lemon; running/cycling 100 miles across a frozen lake in Mongolia in -50 degree temperatures … dressed as a chili pepper. Add to that running as a banana in Afghanistan and a pear in Antarctica and we can see her love of sport (and fruit) drives her ever onwards and upwards.

Sally has now taken to applying her talents to mentoring, educating and organising, bringing inspiration to a variety of audiences including a series of events aimed at children. These interactive workshops promote health and well-being through physical activity and healthy eating, dispelling myths on mental health and engender confidence, by telling her own story with honesty, humility and humour.

 Sally’s adventures can be followed on her Instagram page.