Four Royal Navy submariners are undertaking the Talisker Atlantic Challenge in aid of the RNRMC. Having departed the Canaries in December last year they are now in sixth place overall, with 87 miles to row as of 1200 today (17 January) – the team have a current ETA of around 1800 UK time on the 18th January.

The race has not been without it’s challenges, including the first few days at sea being dominated by seasickness, working through some defects with boat equipment and surfing down huge waves that clocked up double figures on the log.

Spirits have remained high, with the usual cheerfulness and sense of humour exemplary in the Submarine Service coming to the fore which have certainly helped them through when times have been tough. Most recently the boat suffered a capsize in the middle of the night, which resulted in no more than a chipped tooth and one broken oar, but was a great test to the team, and showed how our spirit and ethos allows us to keep going when hit hard, following our drills, keeping calm, and addressing the priorities to get themselves back in to a safe state to keep on tackling whatever the Atlantic Ocean wanted to throw at them.

On the home front, the fundraising totals have been increasing, with the current figures including gift aid standing at £101,856. All of this total will be going towards developing support for mental health and wellbeing within the Submarine Service, and we will be working closely with RNRMC following the team’s return to the UK to develop this further, in conjunction with some specialist professionals in the field.

I’d like to thank you for your continued support to the HMS Oardacious project and hope you can pass on the message of the important and exciting work that the team have done so far, and our plans for taking this further on our return to the UK.