Renowned British explorer Polar Preet is training hard on the run up to her October departure to become the first woman to complete a solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica! As part of her extremely rigorous training programme she was keen to invite her sponsors to join her on Saturday 10th September for a quick 10 mile training hike in the Chiltern Hills. Ten brave souls volunteered for the event and the intrepid team managed to successfully complete the route, everyone had a brilliant day.

‘What a privilege it was to spend a day with Preet! We all had so much fun and we loved getting a chance to talk with her. Still glowing from the experience.’

About Preet’s expedition

Preet will be starting her journey at Hercules inlet on the inner coast of the Ronne Ice Shelf – the location where she started on her recent successful South Pole expedition. However, this time she will not be stopping at the South Pole, she will be heading on the second part of her journey to the inner coast of The Ross Ice Shelf via The Reedy Glacier.

Preet will be pulling her pulk (sled) with all her kit and equipment for a duration of around 75 days for over 1,000 miles and will face temperatures as low as -50°c and wind speeds of up to 60mph. She will be using muscle power alone to pull the pulk which will have a starting weight of about 120kg.

Completing this journey will be a World Record.


“This is a solo expedition but I’m not doing this on my own, there are so many people supporting me.”

Captain Preet Chandi MBE