Our ‘good causes’ fund offers grants to individuals and groups wishing to undertake challenging, adventurous activities which will help to improve health, wellbeing and recovery in armed forces personnel, including WIS (wounded, injured & sick) veterans.


Individuals and groups from the armed forces community can submit bids to receive a grant from this good causes fund. This includes those serving, regular or reserve, as well as WIS veterans.


The trustees wish to award grants to groups or organisations which create the opportunity to improve mental and physical wellbeing in the armed forces community, including WIS veterans, through sport, challenge or adventure. These can be for one-off events providing the activity is challenging or adventurous and provides a highly rewarding developmental and transformative experience for those involved. Trustees will prioritise applications where the physical activity serves a wider, greater purpose. For WIS veterans, the activity should help to rebuild lives by providing the inspirational goals that help them move beyond their disability, regain confidence and recapture their zest for life.


Bids will be scrutinised by a judging panel with representatives from the Team Forces Foundation. The expectation is that most bids will be for sums up to £5,000 although activities of exceptional value may receive a grant up to £10,000. Bids should be no longer than two pages of text plus any associated maps, charts and costings. Submissions should highlight features that promote diversity and inclusivity and describe how the activity will be promoted across media channels and news outlets.


The Trustees are keen to use this opportunity to promote the work of the charity and to reflect Team Forces core values of creating wellbeing through sport, challenge and adventure.

This is a rolling process and bids can be submitted at any time.