As the Official fundraising partner of Team UK for the Invictus Games The Hague in 2022 we were very proud to pledge our support to Team UK competitors from across the country. Involvement with the Invictus UK programme is a life changing experience and the significant mental and physical health benefits can be translated outside of sport and into everyday life.

Sport plays a powerful role in inspiring the recovery and rehabilitation of men and women who were injured or became sick as a result of their service. The Invictus UK programme uses the power of sport to inspire the recovery and rehabilitation of men and women who were wounded, injured or became sick during their service. The programme also recognizes the important role of competitors’ friends and families, providing a network where they can meet others in a similar position and support the recovery journey of their loved ones together. Ultimately, the Invictus UK programme empowers competitors and allows those who once served their country to proudly wear the Union Jack again.

The team competed in nine sports: Athletics; Archery; Wheelchair Basketball; Cycling; Powerlifting; Indoor Rowing; Wheelchair Rugby; Swimming and Sitting Volleyball. Following selection, the Invictus UK programme prepared the Team UK competitors to compete through a series of regular training camps. National Governing Body high performance coaches were available across all nine sports. As well as focusing on developing their sport performance, the competitors were encouraged to set individual goals to maximise the benefits of the recovery experience. This could include identifying their wider needs for support, outside of the world of sport.

Family plays a hugely important role in the recovery process and is a unique strand of the wider Invictus Games programme. The selected team’s family were provided with a network of support where they could meet others who are in a similar position, further understand their competitor’s journey and watch them gain a sense of achievement.

65 competitors and 6 non travelling reserves were selected to represent Team UK at the Invictus Games The Hague in 2022. The road to the Games was an opportunity for Team UK to accelerate or maintain their recovery, and for some, to begin a journey that could take them into high performance sports programmes. Invictus UK’s vision is to always select a team to represent the UK that consists of individuals who will seize the recovery opportunities presented to them, compete hard, demonstrate an Invictus Spirit and go on to become advocates for the power of sport in recovery.

The Invictus Games The Hague, presented by Jaguar Land Rover, brought together over 500 competitors and 1,000 friends and family from 19 nations to compete in a series of adaptive sports across the city in the Netherlands over the course of a week. The Invictus Games is a powerful demonstration of the dedication our men and women displayed when they served our country. It is a celebration of how they confronted hardship, but refused to be defined by their injury or illness. Team UK joined the 18 other nations to participate, achieve personal bests, meet new friends and celebrate a week of achievements with the people who love them the most.