What we do

Team Army and Team Forces are co-brands of a programme which helps to fund sport, challenge and adventure in the armed forces community in order to improve health, wellbeing and recovery. We help the best get better.

Sport, challenge and adventure are critical to the morale, motivation and wellbeing of our forces, yet taking part is often expensive and in some cases, beyond the means of our personnel. We conduct fundraising, attract sponsorship and make financial grants to make these activities more accessible by reducing the cost of participation. In addition to supporting grass roots activity, we encourage and assist our elite athletes to compete at the highest level. We also increase the opportunity for those who are wounded, injured or sick to take part in sports and activities which enhance their recovery journey.


Team Forces / Team Army are co-brands of a programme endorsed by the MoD and operated by Team Forces Funding Ltd in collaboration with the Team Army Sports Foundation. The brands are interchangeable and applicable as appropriate. Since our launch in 2011, we have donated over £10m to the armed forces community.