Who we help

Our Armed Forces do a great deal on our behalf. In order to protect our interests and our way of life, we frequently ask these brave men and women to risk their lives in extreme circumstances, and when called upon they do so with great courage and professionalism. At home, we depend on the forces to respond during times of need. They often deploy to assist local authorities and communities in emergencies, floods, strikes and crises.

We want to return the favour by:

  • making Team Army/Team Ethos a household name and generating much, much more support
  • collectively showing our nation’s gratitude and encouraging support in a tangible way for our forces – facilitating sport means so much to so many of our serving men and women today.
  • encouraging companies and members of the public to support this worthy cause.
  • supporting Team UK competitors from across the country as the Official Fundraising Partner of Invictus UK. The Invictus UK programme uses the power of sport to inspire the recovery and rehabilitation of men and men who were wounded, injured or became sick during their service

Below are just a few reasons why we continue to help the best get better.

Our military athletes are an elite and shining example of the flexibility and sheer determination we expect from our Armed Forces.

Mark Francois MP

Minister for the Armed Forces 2014